Lightpainted Fine Art Photography


The term "Lightpaintings" comes from the word "Photograph" In Latin, the word "Foto" means "light" The word "Graph" means "draw" or in some languages translates as "paint". Put together  you get "photograph" or Lightpainting", which is what we have created in this collection. We literally held the shutter on the camera open and walked around painting light on the subjects with a simple flashlight purchased from a hardware store. Since light overcomes darkness and reveals what is hidden in the darkness, the image is highly dependent upon how the light is used and what is revealed. They say "content is king and composition is queen". Vandivier  would add "then lighting for a great photo is God!".


This collection of lightpaintings was created by Kevin Vandivier. Vandivier first started playing with lightpainting while in college in 1977.  For Kevin it was just a hobby technique to play with occasionally. Then a major national magazine discovered his works and asked him to write an article on his lightpainting techniques.


Lightpainting collection

Fall Aspens & Grand Teton

Fall colored Aspens lining a road with The Grand Teton in the background, light painted at dawn.

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The T. A. Moulton Barn

Mormon barn light painted in The Grand Tetons National Park in Wyoming.

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Shoshone TiPi

TeePee snuggle among aspens a glow in their fall colors at the Grand Tetons National Park, Wyoming.

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Moon Light Lovers

Moon lit lovers with their model T and gun are light painted in an oak lined meadow.

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John Moulton Barn

John Moulton Barn light painted in the Grand Tetons National Park, Wyoming.