About Us

The Big Problem

Most businesses are challenged with the photography they use for their websites and marketing efforts. To boot, businesses spend large sums of money for narrow focused photo shoots only to be charged usage fees for usage outside the scope of the original shoot. Even worse, they decide to save money and use stock photography only to be sucker punched when the find their same marketing photo used by other businesses.

The Solution: Custom Photo Libraries

Our business photography team will come to your business and either shoot photojournalistic styled photos telling your companies story or we will shoot your list of photos and video clips you would like to have in your personal media library. Current stats now show your photos and videos help build trust in your future customers if done right. Otherwise, poor or mediocre photography and video will simply destroy trust. 


Kevin Vandivier has been shooting professionally for over 40 years. He has shot for many of the top publications, including National Geographic Society, Life Magazine, Texas Monthly and many others. His commercial work has also been comissioned by many of the top corporations like Citgo Oil, Exxon, IBM, Adidas among others.